Patient TestingDon’t feel as well as you should, but you’ve been told repeatedly that your labs are all normal? Ever go to a vitamin store and go home with a bag full of supplements but don’t feel any different after taking them? We take the guess-work out of knowing what you really need to be healthy by using the CMP test.

This state-of-the-art laboratory assessment allows us to select- from both diet and supplementation- the most effective combination of nutrition for you, based on your individual results. The CMP reveals imbalances of nutrients like Carnitine, NAC, Lipoic acid, C0Q10, and antioxidants. You will discover how efficently B-Vitamins function in your body, how well your body handles toxins, and how well your brain’s neurotransmitters are funtioning. Fatty acid intake is optimized to reduce overall inflammtion, the root cause of chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease. The CMP will even uncover hidden digestive abnormalities and food sensitivities that have been implicated in everything from skin disorders to autoimmune disease.

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