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chiropractic-careIt is very rare to find someone with a spine that’s perfectly aligned. In most people, the spine curves slightly to the right or the left and sometimes, one or more of the vertebrae are twisted or rotated.

When the vertebrae are misaligned, the flow of messages from the brain to all the other cells in the body is distorted. This type of nerve interference creates dis-organization of bodily processes and dis-ease. This misalignment of the vertebrae can often exist undetected and slowly undermine one’s health.

The purpose of chiropractic care is the correction of nerve interference. Nerve interference promotes sickness and disease. It robs our vitality and weakens our immune system.

Many things can weaken the spine, and cause nerve interference. This list includes: sports accidents, automobile collisions, falls in the house, bad posture, emotional stress, dental problems, pushing ourselves past our limits, alcohol and drug abuse or even carrying heavy briefcases or handbags on a daily basis. We’ve reached a point where nerve interference is epidemic in our population. To ignore it and not have your spine checked regularly by a chiropractor is to invite disease to overwhelm your body and impair the quality of your life.

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